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Outward-Bound for Inbound 2015

by: SilverTech

With so much to do and so much to learn, SilverTech is deploying a veritable army of account managers, inbound specialists, developers, and strategists to soak up the Inbound love. Here, a few of us have pick out some of the sessions we’re most excited about and share the reasons why.

A Sale is a Love Affair: Seduce, Engage & Win Customers’ Hearts

As a digital marketing professional and faithful follower of SilverTech’s Lead to Loyal mentality, the concept of this session is right in line with how we attract, engage and develop a loyal customer base. On a daily basis, I am talking with clients, prospects and peers about how to this concept truly does develop a love affair between a customer and a vendor. I have been fortunate enough to establish strong relationships with all these personas and continue to be able to leverage that to grow our business. #INBOUND15, I hope to learn more about how other business professionals are capitalizing on this concept and how they tie together the variety of technology and marketing strategies available to them.

Hacking Marketing: What Marketers Can Learn From Software Developers

Having been a part of the both the marketing and development teams here at SilverTech I find this both an interesting and accurate comparison. As I consider new marketing technology partnerships for us at SilverTech, I hope this session will give me insight into what the future might hold. Also I have very much enjoyed Scott Brinker‘s sessions previously at Inbound and I am on board with his CMT movement.

Bill – Product Marketing Manager

Can Nice Girls Win (Races)?

Of course, I’m eager to learn more about SEO, social media, and inbound best practices that will further propel our marketing strategies. However, I’m also excited to attend Julia Landauer’s talk about overcoming the male-dominated racing scene. It’s incredibly important for women to understand their strengths and leverage them to overcome stereotypes in the workplace. I can’t wait for this professional development session!

The Neuroscience of Memorable Content

I spend a great deal of time analyzing my content; diving into bounce rate, time on page, form fills, traffic source, et al. Sometimes, I find myself diving in so deep that I lose sight of the fact that I’m writing for humans and not search engines. I love the idea of taking a scientific approach to content creation and can’t wait to gain insight into how the brain processes information. I have a feeling this will be a memorable session!

Ian – Marketing Copywriter

The Changing Face of SEO in 2015

As someone who spends a lot of time analyzing and auditing client websites for SEO, this session is going to be really interesting to get a closer look at the things that really matter with SEO in the coming year. I’m looking to get some actionable tips that I can take back and share with our clients.

Sean – Digital Marketing Strategist

As you can tell we’re all really excited about what’s on tap for this year’s Inbound. Are you going too? Let’s be sure to connect.