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SilverTech Presents the 2017 State of Digital Marketing Report

by: SilverTech

Manchester, NH, January 12th, 2017 – SilverTech, Inc., a pioneering and award-winning digital marketing and technology company based in Manchester, NH has released their 2nd annual “State of Digital Marketing” report.

The report, compiled from results of a survey of nearly 200 marketing leaders from 147 unique companies across the country, aimed to gain insight into what strategies and tactics the most effective marketing teams are using and give an accurate picture of where marketing teams should focus their efforts in 2017.

Respondents were asked to rate their marketing team constraints, priorities, and how effective they feel their efforts are overall. Teams from respective companies of varying sizes in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C spaces were surveyed.

“To engage your customers, communicate effectively with them, and gain their trust, you need to understand them and their buying cycle. Our hope is that this report will give you insight into how effective marketing teams, both large and small, are doing this now,” said Jeff McPherson, Chief Digital Officer of SilverTech. “By aligning the technology and setting the appropriate strategy, your team can succeed in 2017 and beyond regardless of what budget or resource constraints you may face.”

SilverTech, Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, having started the company when websites and digital marketing was in its infancy. McPherson noted how much change he’s seen in the digital space since the inception of the company and how he feels 2017 will bring forth even more changes. “Marketers in 2017 need to be asking, how do we take a look at what we know about a customer, how do we react to a customer using our websites, our applications, and how do we take that data and improve the customer experience?” he said.

The report will be available in electronic format along with on-demand industry-specific focused webinars in healthcare, financial services, higher education, and hospitality & tourism throughout the month of January.

For more details on the report, please visit “The 2017 State of Digital Marketing Report” or email