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The Best of Higher Ed: Websites and Digital Trends [Podcast]

by: SilverTech

Ahead of our webinar, Minor Changes for a Major Impact: How to Improve Your Higher Ed Website and Increase Applications, SilverTech’s Digital Strategist, Sean Howe, and Senior Account Manager Griffin LaFleur joined the Lead to Loyal™ podcast to chat about the best Higher Ed websites and digital trends.


SilverTech’s Senior Digital Strategist, Michele Johnston-Lash, pulled together the following list of standout examples for our discussion:

Best Homepage

Champlain College

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, they made the decision to make sure the site is recruitment oriented which creates a clean and focused homepage. Rather than a carousel (which data shows nobody uses), they are able to present different aspects of the college using scrolling. Each panel highlights a different element and features supporting links for more information. A static “Find a program” module at the left of the page helps potential students to find their preferred programs quickly. top navigation is simple and uncluttered, and an “Information for” section allows different audiences to find what they need.

Best Program Page

Clemson University: Landscape Architecture (B.L.A)

One of the challenges universities face is that individual colleges and programs want to have control over their web presence which frequently results in a disjointed and confusing experience for visitors. Clemson solves this issue with a degree program search which returns a consistent web experience for each of their programs. Each page does a great job of selling programs to potential students with information such as the program overview, courses & curriculum, where students work or continue with studies, and related degrees. They also provide a request information form at the bottom of the page as well as links to the college’s and department’s website for those students who are interested in finding out more. This is a great way to reach students early in their college research phase, engage them and move them into the recruitment funnel.

Best Academic Medicine

Duke Health

While many academic medicine hospitals struggle with how to present themselves as healthcare providers to the public as well as promote their education and research elements, Duke simplifies their site and focuses on one audience: patients. Navigation is simplified down to the things that patients look for the most – doctors, treatments, and locations. A faceted search makes it easy to drill down to the information that the patient is looking for quickly and intuitively. The site is cleanly organized and not bloated.

Best Site Organization

Southern New Hampshire University

With clearly defined paths for each of its unique audiences, Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) site is organized with precision. Every user journey has been mapped and well thought out. Conversion points are easy to find, and the user always feels in control.

Best campus map

University of Washington

Clean, color coded and easy to use. The larger circles to highlight areas on the map are more readable than typical pins. And one of the coolest features is a shareable link for each location.

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