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The Case for Marketing Automation in Healthcare Marketing

by: Chad Campbell Client Support

As a healthcare marketing professional in a heavily regulated industry, where thought must always be given to HIPAA compliance, FDA restrictions, and, of course, the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), finding revenue-generating patients requires you to get creative. You need to make decisions with speed, transparency, and precision when planning where to invest your digital marketing dollars.

To optimize your marketing spend, consider the case for marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software allows organizations to create an ongoing strategy to schedule and trigger marketing campaigns, segment audiences, nurture leads and cultivate long-term relationships with patients.

I Work in the Healthcare Industry. How Will This Help My Organization?

Organizations in the healthcare industry are becoming more competitive as they shift to modern digital marketing practices and aim to connect more with individual patients. Marketing automation allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to identify individual interactions, and allocates messaging and communications to leads and patients tailored to their unique needs and circumstances, while separating segments from patient data and accounting for industry regulations.

Marketing automation allows healthcare professionals to focus on individual patients, referrals and leads, and eliminate the redundancy and time-consuming tasks of manually created campaigns. MA allows your organization to create a nurture strategy that will engage existing patients, provide a seamless onboarding experience and cultivate long-term relationships. It also integrates multiple marketing channels to provide a customized experience for patients as they interact with you across different mediums. Once up and running, your marketing teams can be more efficient and messaging will remain consistent as it’s approved, tested and reused over time.

Understanding Your Needs

Before making decisions regarding marketing automation, it’s important to factor in your specific needs, resources and goals. Having a clear content strategy is vital before initiating automated campaigns, as well as having a strong lead generation plan to continue to get prospects and referrals into your funnel. Understanding the resources needed to implement and optimize your marketing optimization software are also integral for long-term success, as well as having the resources to continually monitor and manage your database. The initial set up for your MA software can be cumbersome, as is planning for complex, overlapping, long-term marketing campaigns.

Let’s Consider The Following

  • What lead generation tactics do you have in place?
  • Are you using purchased lists or organic lists?
  • Do you have a plan to connect with your leads and patients through other channels, outside of email?
  • Do you have audience segmentation and database access to speak specifically to different groups of customers to eliminate generic messages based on email actions?
  • Do you have the resources to create content for your MA software, as well as landing pages?
  • Do you have an existing CRM system that you want to integrate with your MA?
  • What kinds of nurture campaigns are you looking to put into place?
  • Do you have a long-term strategy for maintaining, changing, testing, and optimizing?

Business First, Solutions Second

There are a lot of marketing automation systems available, but finding the one that works best for your organization’s individual needs can be challenging. You need to understand what makes automated campaigns succeed, and get to know the analytics behind making the most of your automation software. Understanding what lead generation processes and marketing campaign efforts work best with your new MA software is important as you start to explore your options. Find out which MA software can be used by all of your internal resources, how much time it will take to implement, if it integrates with your database, if there’s coding required to use it, how intuitive and customizable the reporting tools are, and whether you’re looking for email automation or multi-channel integration.

Need Help?

SilverTech has partnerships with the leading marketing automation systems on the market. Our expert knowledge of implementation, integration and optimization will help you identify your business requirements, help you assess your current marketing infrastructure and assist you in making sound MA system decisions. We’ll help train your internal teams, navigate complex implementations, teach you how to utilize reporting and measure results, and provide industry expertise and best practices. Our comprehensive knowledge of content, integration, and MA systems will help guide you to making the most out of your software decisions and allow you to spend less time implementing software and more time creating long-term, successful campaigns. Contact us today to find out more.