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The Lead to Loyal™ Podcast: Episode One – What is Lead to Loyal?

by: SilverTech


In this, the first episode of the Lead to Loyal™ podcast, we introduce the Lead to Loyal methodology and give examples of its application in financial services, higher education, and healthcare.

Of the Lead to Loyal methodology, Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot said …”Through their approach, SilverTech has proven they understand that the best marketing strategies are those that enhance experiences throughout the entire customer journey.”

Press play above to listen to the episode or read on for some highlights.

Episode 1: What is Lead to Loyal™? A conversation with SilverTech’s Principal Strategist, Sam Maltais, and SilverTech’s Chief Digital Officer, Jeff McPherson introducing the Lead to Loyal methodology.

Episode Highlights:

First, why Lead to Loyal? Well, because, loyalty matters. Engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction. To engage your customers, communicate effectively with them, and gain their trust, you need to understand them, from initial contact as a lead, through the journey into a long-term, loyal customer.

Sam Maltais:
“When you have valuable experiences with your customers, they become loyal. For example, at a financial institution it could be someone coming in and having a really good experience with one of your tellers or it could be having an easy transaction at one of your ATMs. That’s the offline piece. But, then online, that experience has to carry over. Your customers can’t get frustrated with form fills. They have to be able to find the information they need very quickly, very easily. You need your digital properties to go above and beyond.

SilverTech has figured out how to branch your web properties, some of your 3rd party systems, your CRM systems, and your marketing automation system, and bring them together into one massive data warehouse that can be used to target customers. So, when you provide those targeted experiences that’s what goes above and beyond and provides loyalty.”

Jeff McPherson:
“When you think of what traditionally happens, keeping with the bank example, 9 out of 10 will create a new website with high expectations of cross-promotion, obtaining new customers, building new customers. But, how do you do that? Part of it is compelling content that educates and gives value…In a Lead to Loyal environment, the website will pre-populate content based on what is missing from your customer’s life.

How we work today [as consumers], we look at websites on our desktops, tablets, and cell phones. The real beauty [of Lead to Loyal] is the customer journey management coupled with device management. If I start doing something online on my desktop then open up the app, wouldn’t it be great if that experience were to carry over?”

“With our financial services and healthcare clients, what we’re hearing is that a lot of their conversions happen on premises, sometimes as high as 80%. People will do their research online and then, for example, go into a branch to open a checking account. What that does for the business is that it leads them to believe that no one is going to continue the journey online.

That’s not true [the experience can continue online and offline]. It’s possible when all of the data comes together in the Lead to Loyal lifecycle.”

Regarding SilverTech’s partnership with Thunderhead: “Thunderhead simplifies a lot of what we’re talking about. They create a layer that sits atop your CRM, your CMS, and your Marketing Automation platform to connect the journey online and off.

If you think about the human persona. We want to be marketed to. You can tell me a thousand times over that you don’t; you’re sick of ads, etc. But, the reality of it is, you do. You just want to be marketed to with things that are actually relevant to your life. This is what is changing and the companies that can get on board with this will be the companies that will win.”


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