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The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Marketing [Podcast]

by: SilverTech

On the latest episode of the Lead to Loyal™ podcast, I discuss the paradigm shift in healthcare marketing with SilverTech’s healthcare experts, Digital Strategist, Peter Palmer, and Senior Account Manager, Chad Campbell. This discussion was part of our recent webinar, “Digital Wellness Without Intensive Care: A Healthcare Marketing Strategies Webinar.”


Listen above and check out some of the topics we covered below.

The Paradigm Shift

Much like other industries, such as finance, retail, and travel, healthcare is set to become patient driven and accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Under this new model, patients are empowered to closely monitor their healthcare spending and their own health, interact with the healthcare system outside of the hospital walls, and employ the use of technology to improve their conditions.

Patient Expectations And Technology

Uber, Amazon and AirBnB have redefined how consumers engage with, and experience, brands. This has resulted in rising customer expectations for more personalized, customer centric interactions, in addition to meaningful and lasting digital engagements that are centered around accessibility to, and communication of, the right value proposition (content) at the right time.

Wearable devices and smartphone apps that enable patients and consumers to collect and monitor their own health data presents an increasing interest in taking ownership of overall health and wellbeing in growing portions of the population. This development also presents interesting opportunities for healthcare providers, as patients become willing to share data generated through their devices with their physicians proactively, as a means of improving the quality of care they receive.

The Competitive Landscape

Increased competition has forced hospitals and healthcare organizations to rely on marketing for patient dollars more than other factors in the industry. In addition to private clinics and walk-in sites that are privately owned and operated (through companies such as Walmart), hospitals are also diversifying their options to include service lines such as Urgent Care.