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What is Lead to Loyal™?

by: Jeff McPherson Chief Digital Officer

We’ve come a long way, baby. Back in 1996, when Nick Soggu and Eric Esposito started SilverTech, the Web was still in its infancy. While we were getting AOL discs in the mail and dial-up tones rang through offices and living rooms, they saw an opportunity that took advantage of where the world was going – communicating digitally, communicating online. Since then, as we’ve helped businesses understand their customers and achieve their organizational goals online, we’ve had a front seat to witness the largest disruption in how humans connect and interact, ever.

Each milestone in the history of communication, from petroglyphs to pictograms, ideograms to alphabets, has advanced civilization by allowing for the dissemination of ideas across cultures and continents. The Internet is no different, but what is remarkable about the Internet is the speed with which it has done so. If you were at Dreamforce last year, I’m sure you heard this: 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone! This rapid evolution can only be described as a data Big Bang, where 500,000 years of communication and evolution have been compressed into 24 months.

So, what is Lead to Loyal™? It is our approach to this rapid evolution and the data Big Bang and it is how we facilitate digital transformation for our clients. It is a disruptive approach to complex business challenges, integrating customer-facing touch points with back-end processes to create the best end-user experience possible. Simply put, it’s about using technology to consistently deliver the valuable, relevant experiences that lead to loyal relationships with your customers and end-users.

Transformational Growth in the Digital Age(ncy)

The words of philosopher, Charles Handy, ring in my ears like the fireworks that rang in the new year. Of success, he states in The Age of Paradox, “the things and the ways which got you where you are, are seldom those that keep you there.” One of, if not the biggest reason SilverTech continues to grow and show staying power in an industry where a new agency or digital [fill in the blank] company pops up every day is our ability to innovate, adapt, and anticipate where the market is going.

Think of a sideways “S” – the Sigmoid Curve – to represent growth; any growth really, an organization’s, an individual’s. In the early days of growth, the curve dips as you experiment and learn. Then, the curve rises during the days of growth and prosperity. What comes next? Well, Handy posits, there’s a final dip and a decline to the end. Unless, of course, you do something about it.

So, what did we do? We modified our DNA to become more strategic and creative, allowing us to compete with agencies 10 times our size. We saw the need to follow our clients’ customers through their entire journey. So, at our “ideal transformation point” we acquired a fantastic CRM and Marketing Automation company that expanded our services. Our methodologies and processes now allow us to have control over not only an amazing digital property, but the data collected. Before our growth curve began to dip, we jumped to a new curve. Now, that’s what we’re helping our clients do.

Breaking With Tradition to Solve Complex Business Problems

What has traditionally happened – and it’s still happening today – is that people define a need within their organization, such as a new website – they want to get up to date, they want to improve lead flow, conversions. Oftentimes in that engagement, something is built, but where the data goes is still a missing element. This is where Lead to Loyal comes into play and why we are obsessed with it. No matter what vertical you are in, it is absolutely critical to not only focus on gaining the lead, but what are you going to do with it…How are you going to follow up? When are you going to follow up? As we dove in and began working with clients in various verticals around this practice, we immediately found ourselves diving deeper and deeper into the journey and suddenly found ourselves looking at in-building communication, entrances, registrations, and even personal devices.

Lead to Loyal considers the three core components of the business ecosystem – Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Marketing Automation (MA) platforms. When you integrate the three you start to solve many of the problems that many organizations face – what do I do now that I’ve created leads, what do I do with this data, now that I’ve created customers, how do I keep them loyal?

Anticipating the Future By Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)

What comes next? As the the Universe cooled after the Big Bang, atoms began to form and gather in massive clouds that gravity crushed together to create stars and galaxies. We’re seeing a similar cooling from the data Big Bang and the stars that are forming are the organizations that have embraced digital transformation, understand their data, and are anticipating the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Take a look at an early-formed star of this new Universe, Tesla.

Tesla shows exactly where the future of engineering, technology, and IoT meet. In the automotive world, we have all been in that situation where you have to decide budget vs. feature as well as a bigger decision on if you wait for the next model year because of rumors around those features. Imagine if you were able to purchase a car today and somehow decide down the road, without major expense, that you wanted something that wasn’t part of that model year.

Tesla just changed the world with a new technology focused around the “Autopilot Feature.” The world is talking about the first car to literally drive itself by managing lanes, speed, and conditions without human interaction. The auto world has changed, but so has every other industry. How? Tesla cars run through a computer. Literally. All features from audio to windows to the parking assist run on the software powering the vehicle. Tesla just announced a new version of that software for Model S owners. All owners have to do is upgrade to the 7.1 version and suddenly their Tesla S now has new features including those as remarkable as the Autopilot mode.

I could spend this entire post around the features of the Autopilot, as it is indeed remarkable, but the true innovation is how we are now looking at every aspect in our life on a delivery model of information. Rather than constantly having to reinvest in hard goods to improve, we can rely on software enhancements to actually improve the everyday products we use.

IoT is not just about recording data from a device or producing content through a device based on that particular instance. The real secret in twofold. First is how to connect it with the rest of your infrastructure. How do my past experiences control my interaction with that particular brand moving forward? The second item that is having massive changes is that we need to begin engineering these devices with the same mentality as applications, websites, and software.

Making the Leap with Lead to Loyal™

“Doing what you did, again and again, grinding it forward, that’s a good way to finish a marathon, but it’s not the way that most organizations grow. Sooner or later, we need to leap.” – Seth Godin

Lead to Loyal helps organizations make the leap, jump to a new curve, and achieve transformational growth in the digital age. It’s with this in mind that we carefully crafted our new vision statement:

“Delivering transformational growth through innovation, creativity, and technology.”

Transformational growth does not happen by accident. Innovation that sets in motion a new growth curve needs a catalyst; SilverTech can be that spark within your organization.