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Why Your Organization Should Be Considering Marketing Automation

by: SilverTech

If you have been reading the SilverTech blog lately, you have probably heard a lot about the term “lead to loyal”. For those of you who don’t know, lead to loyal is all about getting found by potential customers, leading them through the buyer’s journey, and helping them become loyal customers. Throughout this whole process, there is a great deal of reporting on success metrics and optimizing based on those results. Think of it as a closed loop of marketing that includes your website, content, social, email, and any other technology you might be using. While your website is going to be the vocal point of your digital marketing efforts, one of the most important tools your organization can be using to take your marketing to the next level is a marketing automation system.

What It Can Do for Your Business

There are lots of resources out there about the ins and outs of marketing automation systems, the pros and cons of the different options, and how each of them integrates with your website. For the purposes of this blog, we are going to focus on the value that marketing automation provides directly to marketers and how they can use it benefit their organization. Let’s take a look at the ways marketing automaton can help with your lead to loyal strategy:

Develop Campaigns

One of the greatest aspects of marketing automation is that it gives you a place to develop and build all of your online campaigns. Want to run a multi-channel campaign across your website, email, and social media networks, while tracking the performance and success of each channel in one place? Marketing automation has you covered. Most platforms will also give you a place to build landing pages and calls to action so that you have everything you need to attract visitors and capture lead information.

Campaign Measurement and Testing

What good would any marketing effort be without measurement? Another helpful aspect of marketing automation is the analytics that it provides. Sure, you are already looking at your general traffic metrics in a tool like Google Analytics, but marketing automation can go a little bit deeper and does a better job of telling you where visitors come from, right down to which Facebook post they clicked on to get to your site or which email converted them into a lead.

This ability to drill down and get this type of detailed measurement opens the door for some powerful testing opportunities, which marketing automation integrates right into your campaign development. The ability to easily A/B and multivariate test across large contact lists is something that all marketers will be interested in as they optimize their campaigns.

Manage Contacts

So you have the calls to action, you have the landing pages, and you are starting to develop a lengthy contact list. How are you going to keep track of it all? While marketing automation doesn’t have the robust capabilities of a CRM, it still holds its own in the contact management department. The ability to segment your contact base, create email lists, and send messages to a very specific group of people is all available with a marketing automation system.

Turn Contacts into Customers

The final piece of the lead to loyal lifecycle is of course turning all of those contacts into loyal customers. With the built-in email automation tools that are present in marketing automation, marketers will be able to take their segmented contact lists, set up email workflows, and nurture them down the buyer’s path.

The bottom line is that marketing automation is becoming an essential tool for marketers who are serious about driving business digitally and being able to accurately measure their results. If any of the above capabilities sound like something that your organization could benefit from, it might be time to start thinking about implementing a marketing automation system. Contact us today to see how we can help you understand which marketing automation software best fits your needs.