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Working at SilverTech: What Keeps Us Coming Back

by: SilverTech

As a recent SilverTech addition, with experience in corporate offices all over the country, I have never been so pleased to be part of such a unique, hard-working and innovative team. While I’m sure I’ll be able to add to this list as I become a more seasoned employee, I wanted to share some highlights of the amazing company culture I’ve experienced with SilverTech thus far.

The Work You Perform is the Center of Success

Working at SilverTech means becoming an expert, a specialist, a manager, a mentor and a teammate. SilverTech strives to hire those that are truly excited by knowledge, encouraged by success and aiming for high achievements. The community here cares about the work done above all other factors. We may wear jeans to work, we might occasionally be inspired before 6am or after 11pm, and we all embody different personalities and interests, but what really matters within the schoolhouse walls is the output of advanced, inspiring and best-in-class work.

Teamwork: We All Want the Same Thing

When working on a project, there’s no shortage of communication between members of the team. Tiered lines are broken down, seasoned and new employees learn from each other, and conversations flow with ease. Communication is consistently encouraged and practiced between all individuals. Everyone here is part of a team and we are all working towards the same goals. When one person has success, the entire team celebrates. When someone needs second set of eyes, there’s an abundance of coworkers eager to help.

Take a Break, Embrace a Change of Scenery

It’s not unusual to have the office silence broken by the skeeball machine being fired up or to see an employee lace up their sneakers to walk and work on the treadmill. In a perfect world, we’d all be able to sit down for a predetermined number of hours and remain focused until the work was complete, but that’s hardly ever the case. Sometimes, your best ideas and biggest “aha!” moments come when you least expect them. There’s no end to the outpouring of great work in this office, and SilverTech recognizes the need to occasionally take a mental break.

Let’s Whiteboard

SilverTech has an abundance of comfortable community spaces that encourage casual, open meeting spots for individuals to gather and hash out new ideas. While it’s not unusual for a drive-by Q&A to evolve into a complete project overhaul, team members are encouraged to meet throughout the day to whiteboard ideas and talk through project opportunities and challenges.

Fireside Chats, Transparency and Communication from the Top

Perhaps the greatest transition from a large corporate community involves the open, two-way communication from the SilverTech leaders. Inside the office, there’s never any whispering or gossip, as everyone talks openly and honestly about projects and plans. Every two weeks, there’s a fireside chat where victories are celebrated, company wins are announced and some are recognized for individual achievements. Challenges, changes and updates are displayed openly and honestly at all times with zero surprises within a genuine chat that naturally encourages everyone to continue aiming for bigger and better.

Amidst an office that’s cozy, modern and clean, I find that the people are what ultimately drive a company’s success, and what make me want to go to work every day. An environment built upon praise and opportunities alongside people driven by positive energy and education has truly created an excellent transition for myself into this new and exciting digital lifecycle world. If you’re interested in seeing what you can offer SilverTech, check out our careers page for all of the awesome opportunities we have available.