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The 2018 State of Digital Marketing Survey

by: SilverTech

Digital marketing trends are fleeting; the latest ‘must-have’ marketing tactic quickly becomes yesterday’s gimmick (remember QR codes and FourSquare?). It can be difficult for marketers to gauge what trends are easy come, easy go and which will bring long-lasting effects to their ROI. And even more importantly, where to spend their budgets.

Returning for the third year, SilverTech is surveying marketers from across the United States about their goals, challenges, budgets, resources and roadmaps to gain a pulse on the status of digital marketing in 2018. These benchmarks are valuable comparison resources for marketers as they enter into the next evolution of digital and what’s next beyond mobile. Survey respondents can also choose to enter to win a $150 Amazon gift card.*

Results from the survey will be distributed in January 2018 accompanied by a webinar series sharing the insights and trends gathered from the data. You can pre-register for the 2018 State of Digital Marketing Report and get an advance copy before its release in early-January, 2018.