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4 secrets to an all-inclusive marketing strategy in hospitality.

by: Lindsay Moura Digital Marketing
3 min read

Whether we’re working with clients in hospitality, tourism, finance, e-commerce or any other sector, each industry comes with its own set of challenges. And the marketing tactics we use all depend on the unique challenges of the business. That’s why we develop a strategy that’s specific to you. Nothing cookie cutter here!

Owl’s Nest Resort is a resort located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They look to us to manage their marketing, digital advertising, website and video editing, just to name a few.

Here’s how we’ve customized a marketing strategy around their specific needs:


1. Dare to be different.

Some of the very things that make your resort, hotel, or destination different may also be your biggest selling points. It’s what attracts your customers to you over your competitors. For Owl’s Nest, their uniqueness lies in the private homes they have for rent (as opposed to a standard room). With increased interest in Airbnb-style houses paired with the only Nicklaus designed golf course in New England, Owl’s Nest offers a unique experience.

As their partner, our job is then to generate awareness (and buzz) around these selling points.

We launched Google Search and Display campaigns that increased revenue from rental bookings 178% in 2019 compared to the previous year.

2.Where-oh-where are their whereabouts?

Relevancy is what differentiates a brand and shows it truly understands its clientele. It’s important to meet your customers where they spend their time online. For Owl’s Nest, we understand that the audience we were trying to reach to plan their dream wedding was very different from the married couple looking to book their perfect getaway. Since 75% of Facebook users and 43% of Instagram users are female and Facebook allows us the ability to target based on relationship status, those two channels were the perfect place to attract brides.

An added bonus to placing ads on Facebook is that we have the ability to test out new ad formats. One of those formats is called Instant Experience which gives users a more interactive look. We used this format to give brides visual inspiration to picture their own wedding day at the resort. Then, when they inquire with Owl’s Nest, they work with their own wedding coordinator to create that real-life experience.

So, what were the results?
For the first time ever, Owl's Nest's wedding venue is completely booked for 2020 and is filling up fast for 2021. Also, the new Instant Experience ad format on Facebook has dropped the cost per lead by almost half.

3. Sweep them off their feet.

When people look for their next vacation spot or a place to host a special occasion, captivating visuals are what will paint that picture for them. You want them to envision themselves kicking their feet up and enjoying their stay with you.

Video can be one of the most effective ways to captivate your audience. This worked particularly well for Owl’s Nest who had a lot of high-quality video content. Our design team took raw video footage and sliced and diced it into various cuts for video advertising across Facebook and Instagram. We even created multiple versions and A/B tested which one brides liked best. Here’s what happened.

What’s next, you ask? We plan to capture some drone footage of the resort and the gorgeous backdrop of the surrounding mountains. But you don’t need fancy equipment or a big budget to be successful. For a hospital just 30 minutes from Boston, we used simple, yet captivating animation in an HTML5 format to create awareness of the brand. Our team can work with whatever you have!

4. Give a warm welcome.

Knowing what to do once you get someone interested in your resort (but have yet to book) is extremely important. Whether you got them through digital advertising or through your Facebook page, you want to make sure to keep them engaged and ultimately get them to take a desired action. That’s where lead nurturing like email marketing comes in!

Our digital marketing experts understand the decision cycle and deliver the right marketing tactic at the right time. Through automated emails and drip campaigns, we can send brides information about the venue, décor inspiration, and tips on how to begin planning. All this content keeps Owl’s Nest top of mind for when that bride is ready to make a decision about her big day.

Want to turn these secrets into a reality for your hotel or resort? Contact us to learn how our digital marketing team can help!