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Facebook Live Guide

by: Danielle Morin Digital Marketing

​The ultimate guide to Facebook Live - making sure it runs without a hitch.

Engaging with your customers during this unprecedented time is crucial. But getting their attention can be difficult, especially in today's health crisis when all communication is being conducted from afar. So, how do you make your messages more personal and meaningful? We've got a solution that can help! 

Facebook Live lets you broadcast video in real-time to your followers, as well as directly to an event page or group—all from your device. As you broadcast, people tune in and engage with you through comments and likes. It's an easy way for your loyal fanbase to communicate, and see you, without ever leaving their home. To learn how to set up a Facebook Live event as well as best practices on making sure it runs without a hitch, click on the link below to download our "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live."

Facebook Live Guide