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Hosting & managed services.

We offer a full lineup of IT and hosting services to make sure your site and its supporting services are secure, optimized and performing to standards.
Monitoring & optimization services

Monitoring & optimization services.

We’re here 24/7 to monitor your websites’ infrastructure and performance, test for optimization and perform security data audits to ensure overall system health.
When selecting an agency, we wanted one that was strong in all areas – including development, design, and support...SilverTech was the right choice...Working with true professionals is such a pleasure.
The Miss America Organization

From the Playbook.

Hosting & Infrastructure

How SilverTech Maintains 100% Availability for the Miss America Competition

SilverTech has been maintaining the web presence for The Miss America Organization (MAO) ( for over 12 years. During 11 of the 12 months of the year MAO’s website is hosted in SilverTech’s managed hosting environment at a Rackspace datacenter in Chicago, Illinois. In the weeks leading up to The Miss America Competition, which is being held this year in Atlantic City on Sunday, September 14th, the website will start to receive additional traffic. The increase in traffic continues up to and through the night of the competition, broadcast nationally on ABC.

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