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User experience & design.

Our UX strategists and designers strengthen and connect brands to their audience. They take the time to listen, learn and observe needs and behaviors so that we can treat everyone to a digital experience that feels seamless and human.

User experience strategy.

UX strategists walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. They research, learn, map and test the needs and behavior of your target audience. We construct colorful personas and detailed user journey maps that identify key challenges and areas of opportunity at every touchpoint and interaction your customers may have with you.

Prototyping & user testing.

Wireframes and prototypes help us to test and validate strategic decisions and to fine tune every usability and user flow detail prior to applying design. This allows us to make incremental refinements that can significantly boost end results.

Web design.

Design and behavior are intertwined very closely, therefore we utilize data to aid in making key design decisions. By focusing heavily on defining who the audience is and what they need to do, we craft design artifacts with genuine empathy for the folks who will be interacting with them.

Brand experience.

You don’t want customers to solely recognize your brand, you want them to ‘experience’ it.  Your company has a pulse, a personality, and a story that needs to be told. Let us help you tell that story - with conviction and consistency – across all digital channels.


Websites must meet the accessibility and usability needs of all users. This not only makes sense to us and is a best practice, it’s also the law. Many industries are now required to comply with accessibility and ADA guidelines - like WCAG 2.1. Our team knows the compliance requirements for the industries we work in, and we stay at the top of our game through regular accessibility training and utilizing best development and design practices.

Platform & software integrations.

Our experts have developed custom applications and web integrations that eliminate data silos to provide a full, online eco system. As experts in every channel, we allow for a two-way flow of information creating a holistic 360 web view all under one roof.

Client spotlight.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island’s Tourist Development Council reached out to us to completely overhaul and enhance the online visitor experience that acts as their primary tourism marketing channel.
SilverTech learned about our company, customers, and all aspects of the business, from all perspectives, by interviewing employees, conducting surveys and research, and visiting our stores. We were very impressed with the culmination of the planning and recommendations that were delivered to us at the end of the strategy phase.
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Customer journey map template.

How to create a customer journey map.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to improve the overall customer experience using a customer journey map.

From the Playbook.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Top 6 Product Updates Announced at Google Marketing Live 2019

Every year Google Marketing Live unveils its newest products and research they’ve conducted on digital marketing. This year, Google’s focus was on how to improve automation so that advertisers can better manage and measure their campaigns.
UX Strategy & Design

Top 5 reasons your financial institution should be on YouTube

Digital marketing and banking are two phrases that you finally hear paired together. More and more banks and credit unions are working with us as they slowly shift dollars toward digital media. And, rightly so, as many of our financial clients are seeing great results not only with lending campaigns and deposit promotions, but also with customers engaging with brand ads that reinforce loyalty. In such a competitive digital advertising landscape, you have to celebrate the small wins and gains as you get them.
UX Strategy & Design

Lessons Learned from the SilverTech Internship Program

SilverTech partners with several colleges and universities to fuel our internship program and nurture local technical talent. Every summer, students from around the state and beyond come to SilverTech to contribute new ideas and helping hands as they look to further their education and kickstart their professional careers. Today, we have over a dozen graduates of the SilverTech internship program employed in our Manchester office.

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