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Our UX strategists and designers have three burning questions:

1.   Who is your target audience?

2.   What do they want/need?

3.   How are they likely to behave as they make decisions?

This team's goal is to research and uncover the needs, motivations, hesitancies, fears, and desires of the audience. Whether the customer is internal, external, existing, or prospective, the goal of this team is to listen, observe, analyze, define and create what will ultimately provide the best digital experience.

Our UX strategy and design process begins in discovery and continues for the life of the project - even once your project is in development and testing. 


SilverTech's UX data-driven strategy and design teams collaborate to deliver the highest quality services. Each step informs the next until you know and have validated exactly what your customer wants.
Our discovery and research process is the foundation of your entire website strategy. The personas, user journeys, information architecture, wireframes, and designs are all informed by findings in this stage. Each engagement starts with a discovery process where we learn about your business, objectives and customers by talking to stakeholders, analyzing customer data, evaluating user behaviors and identifying competitive opportunities. We’ll also audit your tech stack and integrations to help us to define needed solutions.
A persona is a fictitious character representing a segment of your customers to better help us cater your web experience to those audiences. Personas should be based on user research but can also involve some storytelling: it’s an “activity of empathetic role-play.” The user journey typically takes the persona and details a general path this segment of users may take to reach their specific online goals. Each is essential to building a digital experience strategy and a website that is user-focused.
Your digital content should provide your users with the information they are looking for and help promote your business goals. A content inventory lists any piece of digital content you have at your disposal. Our strategists can generate a content strategy that includes considerations around SEO, format, usage, messaging and more.
Information architecture (IA) ensures your website visitors can find the information they came to your site to find. IA uses research to group and label content on your site, helping with navigation and content hierarchy.
Our team of UI/UX designers and strategists use findings from our research to develop wireframes, or high-level page layouts, and preliminary modules, or prototypes, that help your team visualize how the website, widgets, and pages will look and function.
Once prototypes are approved, our Creative Team applies creative branding elements to bring the new website design to life. As digital brand experts, this team not only knows how to tell your story and represent you in the best possible light, but they also ensure that your site is accessible and complies with ADA WCAG guidelines.


SilverTech can help you create and maintain a digital roadmap that synchronizes digital projects across departments, keeps everyone in-the-know, and reduces or eliminates future rework. Reach out for a quote today.


SilverTech's UX strategists provide a variety of user and usability testing methods to validate user behavior and site performance. A small example of some of the tools and testing services we provide include:

  • Heat mapping
  • Click testing
  • Tree studies
  • In-person and online focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Card sorting

We can test user perception, behavior, and frustrations, as well as the effectiveness of content, functionality, and design. Use these testing services as a benchmark, progress indicator, or validator of your web strategy. Contact us for more information about how we can help you to drive your decisions with data.

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