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7 Marketing Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Buying Season

BY: Lindsay Moura | 10/31/22

Holiday shopping is just around the corner. Are you ready? Here are 7 marketing tips to help you prepare for the hustle and bustle of online holiday buying: 

1. Use Fresh, Relevant and Engaging Imagery 

Most customers, particularly digitally savvy Gen Zs, can spot a stock photo a mile away. Social media and the rise of “scrappier” channels like TikTok have elevated this expectation of real, authentic images. This is especially important to an ecommerce business selling actual goods that a consumer is looking to buy.  

Also, consider that your loyal customers may have seen the same product images over and over again the past few months (especially if you’ve been running a dynamic retargeting campaign). Be sure to have fresh and maybe even holiday-specific photos taken of your products so you can capture their attention.  

Don’t have a photographer? No problem! Soona is a great solution that we’ve used for our own ecommerce customers. The process is simple – send them whichever products you want them to photograph and tell them what types of images or videos you want. They can even do GIFs, unboxing videos, and how-tos! They’ll then schedule the photoshoot where you can join them virtually and provide live feedback with their crew. Don’t have the time or are unsure what creative direction to give the Soona team? Our marketing experts can coordinate and oversee all of it for you!  

2. Design Interactive Ads

Now that you have fresh images of your products, engage your audience with more than a simple static ad. Instead, design something interactive that will give the user a reason to stop and click instead of scrolling right past it. Dynamic countdown timers, interactive surveys, and cinemographs are all effective ways to make your ad stand out above the rest. For example, you could use an interactive slideshow to showcase various products or an interactive slider to show a traveler different vacation options. Not sure how to design these types of ads? Our designers can create these ads for you and make your brand stand out.  

3. Understand How the Economy Impacts Your Unique Customer Base 

According to the latest report from Klaviyo, a useful ecommerce email platform, while most consumers are being hit hard financially with rising prices, the impact is not enough to significantly impact their buying decisions this holiday season.  

“A new survey from Klaviyo and Qualtrics finds that 65% of consumers plan to spend either the same amount or more on 2022 holiday gifts compared to last year.” 

Targeting younger generations like millennials and Gen Z? These younger consumers are more likely to increase how much they spend on gifts this year, especially when compared to the boomer generation. One thing we can all agree on is online shopping is stronger than ever! Most consumers report that they’ll do a large majority of their shopping online which is why it’s important to have your online storefront looking its very best.  

4. Promote Early 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have always been competitive times for retailers and each year the buying season has started earlier and earlier, extending far beyond just those 2 days or even that Thanksgiving weekend. Now, the entire months of November and December have been up for grabs for many online retailers. According to Integral Ad Science, 55% of consumers say they will start their holiday shopping before November. Strategically plan out the sales you want to run and when. Also, consider countdown ads and messaging that alert and hype up your customers that a sale is coming. 

5. Reach Desktop & Daytime Shoppers 

While we all know how important mobile is, desktop is also a valuable player in a customer’s buying journey. Now, with more remote work, many customers are doing their research and making their purchases during daytime hours and on their desktop device. Mobile is still key, but don’t disregard the power of desktop! Be sure to optimize your ad design and targeting will all devices in mind.  

6. Go Beyond the Discount 

Everyone loves a good discount! But, to stand out in the crowded ad space (especially during Thanksgiving weekend), you have to think beyond slashing prices. Customers have come to expect a deep discount, but they also expect more from brands. Be sure to have your brand’s value proposition or overall mission shine through in your ads and set you apart from your competitors. If you’ve ever seen a commercial for Bombas socks, you’ll see why this is an effective marketing tactic! Bombas’s brand message is more than just about selling socks – it’s deeply rooted in how they were founded and charitable giving. You can connect your brand values to your customer's experience by adding a donation plugin to your website’s checkout page or a welcome or exit intent popup on your website to encourage customers to join your exclusive community or membership package. Or, if your products are sustainably made or solve a unique problem for your customers, be sure that message comes across in your ads, emails, website copy and even in the unboxing experience.  

7. Use Ads to Inspire Gift Ideas 

More and more consumers look to ads to find gift ideas for their loved ones. This means you should think creatively about who and how you target, especially on channels like Facebook and Instagram. And be sure to not just target your current customers through custom lists and retargeting, but also cater your ads to prospective customers. This can be a key time to engage with new types of customers and expand your base. This is because according to the latest report from Integral Ad Science:  

“87% of consumers use online advertising to discover new products and brands they’ve never purchased from before.”

Do you have an online storefront? Not sure where to start or how to implement these marketing tips? Learn more about our ecommerce expertise and contact us for a consultation.


Lindsay Moura



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