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Outreach Spotlight: STEAM Ahead New Hampshire

BY: Kim Smith | 11/8/21

SilverTech supports the youth of New Hampshire in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education. SilverTech is proud to have given $2,500 to STEAM Ahead NH as part of our 25th Anniversary mission of giving back to our community.

About STEAM Ahead

STEAM Ahead is a collaboration between the University System of New Hampshire, the Manchester School District, the business community and Manchester Community College. The organization is made up of professionals from science, technology, engineering, arts and math who are passionate about closing the education gap for underrepresented youth. Programs to promote STEAM education are developed with partnering organizations to create impactful learning experiences for middle school and high school students. The curriculum developed for this program is coordinated under a project and inquiry-based educational structure. STEAM students are able to learn academic and life skills in a standard, realistic approach hosted in an exploratory learning environment. STEAM Ahead aspires to enable students to pursue STEAM education preparing these students for higher education and careers in these fields.

How You Can Help

Without the community and educators, there would be no STEAM Ahead. If you would like to help support this program you can make a donation directly to STEAM. Check out the website to see other ways that you can get involved in STEAM Ahead.

SilverTech and STEAM Ahead!

In addition to the $2,500 given to STEAM Ahead for SilverTech’s 25th, we make regular donations to this terrific organization throughout the year. SilverTech is one of the founding business partners of STEAM Ahead. We share the vision of an educational system that prepares students for the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse and complex community. SilverTech with collaboration from educators seeks to provide new paths and new opportunities for students to succeed as they look to the future. We are helping to provide opportunities for these students to attend college and have successful careers in STEAM.

“STEAM Ahead has been a vital part of the Manchester community for many years. Their goal to encourage STEAM skills at the high school level using real-world applications allows for increased career opportunities for the up-and-coming young professionals in our area, driving economic development in the surrounding communities. Today, education is everything. SilverTech is proud to be able to support STEAM Ahead and its mission to educate and inspire future generations.” Nick Soggu, Founder and CEO SilverTech.


Kim Smith



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