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What to Expect When Interning at SilverTech

BY: Alex Lynch | 11/17/21

My experience as a marketing intern at SilverTech

As a junior in college, the onset of adulthood and the pressure to find my "path" felt all too real. I knew sitting through a semester's worth of classes for another three months just wouldn’t be enough to get me that professional experience I craved. What was my next logical step to help myself feel a little more prepared for my future? Find an internship. I knew I wanted to work in marketing, and I knew I wanted to be in person, in the office, collaborating with seasoned professionals. After an extensive search and a stroke of good luck, I found SilverTech.

In my search for an internship, SilverTech was a standout for several reasons. First, the company was all about marketing, and so was I. Since my first semester in college, I have had a special love for my marketing classes, and as it turns out, SilverTech has a special love (and talent) for digital marketing and web development. I had previously looked at internships at banks, retail stores, and automobile companies, but I just felt that no small marketing department could compare to an entire team of marketers experienced in so much more than just one industry. Also, after one look at SilverTech’s website, the expertise was undeniable. It was obvious to me that those working for the company knew exactly how to appeal to users and keep up with trends. Finally, SilverTech was simply cool. I had never worked anywhere with skee ball in the hallways, Segways around every corner, and laughter echoing down the corridor. I guess I could have gone to work in a stuffy, lifeless office building like many college students, but why would I when I had struck gold?

Aside from all the features that drew me in from the outside, my experience at SilverTech has been invaluable. Admittedly, I was initially overwhelmed. What’s 'marketing nurture'? Why am I writing press releases? What’s a click-through rate? Rest assured; all these questions were answered, and the learning began immediately. I have had the opportunity to develop my writing skills and get feedback daily. I have seen great improvements in my written communication and persuasion skills because of this. I have also become much more well-versed in several programs such as HubSpot and Excel which I may have otherwise never gotten the chance to use.

Unlike many other internships, at SilverTech I was immediately part of the team. Instead of being left to my own devices, I was consistently invited to sit in and share my thoughts at meetings with professionals from many different departments with a wide variety of skills. The fear of being an afterthought was alleviated almost instantly.

Being able to join SilverTech, even just for this short period of time, has been an incredible experience. I feel I have a leg up in my marketing classes and that marketing is truly what I want to do in the future. Some things just can’t be taught in textbooks.


Alex Lynch



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