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Digital transformation.

Sometimes, you have to throw out the playbook and start over. A fresh perspective and a new digital game plan can radically change your outlook and outcome. This is definitely not the time to call in a rookie. Our seasoned marketing and technology experts have changed the game for organizations by overhauling digital platforms and practices in order to improve online experiences and productivity.


We've been coaching clients at their home base and on the sidelines for over two decades, using data and insights from our successes, and more importantly, our failures. After all, tech stuff can get complicated. Our marketing and technology consultants are ready to provide your organization with consulting services that can give you a healthy, competitive advantage.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence.

AI and machine learning are here to stay. But how do you apply it to your business? We partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to analyze behavior and data that can be used to vastly improve customer experience with smart features such as chatbots, virtual search assistants and online recommendation tools.
Audits and Data Analysis

Audits & data analysis.

Although we’ve been at this a long time, we know that no two companies are ever the same. Different goals, infrastructure, customer-base, governance, structure and other factors mean a generic approach is not going to cut it. Our team investigates, consults and recommends digital marketing and technology strategies and methods that will work for your organization’s unique situation.


We make it our job to become the subject matter experts necessary to produce optimal results for our clients, and to position them as thought leaders in their industry.
SilverTech has been a blessing to my business. They are honest and truly want to help you grow your business. Sincere, caring, and hard-working, digital experts are hard to come by!
Nashua Nutrition

From the Playbook.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

What to Do the Next Time Facebook Goes Down

In March 2019, Facebook suffered the longest outage of its 15-year existence. Then again in July, all three platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp – were down for several hours for users in the United States and Europe.
Digital Marketing & Advertising

Your Cheat Sheet for Digital Marketing Lingo

Have you ever left a meeting or got off a call with your digital marketing agency and felt as though they were speaking another language? Well, to put it simply, that’s because they were! You’ve probably heard the terms KPIs, CTAs, PPC, or CTR being used… and those are only scratching the digital marketing surface!
Digital Marketing & Advertising

Taking the Temperature of Healthcare: SHSMD Connections 2018

Taking the temperature of healthcare. That is one of the most important aspects of attending the Annual Conference of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD). Too often, organizations look inward as the year progresses, and we all identify challenges, issues, solutions, and achievements that we are dealing with in our day-to-day work. There is often not enough time to step back from that work, look around, and see what others are dealing with. Are these universal challenges? How have others dealt with them? What do people see as a temporary phenomenon vs. a first step toward a new future. And what will that future look like?

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