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Today, web development requires far more knowledge and expertise beyond programming languages. Yes, it is important to be trained and certified in modern web development standards and content management platforms – and we are. But it's also critical to be experts in integrations, data, security, accessibility, hosting, compliance, upgrades, analytics and more – and we are that too.

Our team of front-end, back-end, and DevOps engineers will make sure your website, portal, or app is not only built to meet your goals but is also compliant, secure and performs under pressure.

We're experts in several Content Management Solutions and Digital Experience Platforms.  We'll implement your platform based on vendor best practices and decades of experience.  We'll make sure your website is built with upgrades, maintenance and scalability in mind, while also ensuring that your marketing team can quickly and easily update content and spin up new pages.

Our full-time team of developers are located in our New Hampshire and Indiana offices. We can guarantee clean, fast-loading, high-performing code quality for any of your single and multi-site web solutions.

Today's software demands more than just code. How and where it runs and your deployment processes are critical to well maintained and scalable solutions. Our DevOps engineers are experts in setting up your cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and no-downtime blue/green deployment processes. 100% up-time is crucial to your success and we know it.
The digital landscape is constantly changing, especially when it comes to security, targeting, compliance, and CX expectations. That’s why we develop a digital roadmap and lean on our digital strategists, IT and hosting services to provide ongoing support to your team over time. Whether you need to upgrade your site search, incorporate personalization, add a firewall, or customize parts of your current build, we make your tech stack do what you need it to.
Our team can help make sure your website is safe from threats, accessible by all and compliant with all ADA and WCAG guidelines. While rules and threats constantly shift, our team will stay ahead of any issues and ensure your website never falls behind. We'll assist you in designing a secure, compliant, and scalable solution that includes geo-redundancy, Web Access Firewalls, and CDNs so you are secure and scalable.
With a range of certified developers and technology experts, we can help match your business with the technology that best fits its needs. Whether that be headless content management systems, portal and MVC expertise, CMS/DXP implementation or customization, or e-commerce setup, our team can help you get started.


Our web CMS/DXP partners include industry leaders such as Progress Sitefinity, Kentico Xperience, Sitecore, Salesforce, Hubspot and many more. If you aren't sure which CMS/DXP is right for your business, download this whitepaper.


Emerson Hospital is a medical center based in Concord, MA. While it is a go-to for patients while they are sick, the hospital wanted to also become a resource for well patients. See the web development work SilverTech accomplished for this hospital system that generated a 126% increase in wellness page sessions.


Security and website hosting are never to be taken lightly. Our development practices ensure that all security and compliance standards are met prior to launch. Monitoring, security patches and solution upgrades are all part of our managed services package. 

  • Security updates and patches
  • Hosting environment monitoring
  • Vulnerability notifications
  • Geo-redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Web Access Firewalls, Content Delivery Networks, and Auto Scaling
  • Emergency development services available

If you'd like us to provide a quote for secure management of your hosting environment or would like us to conduct an audit of your environment, talk to our sales team.

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