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NorthWestern Energy.

Some of the services we provided:
  • Digital Experience Strategy and Roadmap
  • Website Design & Development
  • Organization-wide digital transformation strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • CMS Implementation/Upgrade
  • Website Architecture
  • Hosting and IT Infastructure
  • On-going Digital Support

A Streamlined Experience

NorthWestern Energy is a utility company that serves Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana, boasting over 700,000 customers. NorthWestern has always had a goal of providing customers with reliable energy at a low cost and prides itself on providing a mix of safe, dependable, and affordable clean energy. With its large customer base, NorthWestern knows the importance of a well-designed and functional website. The company found that its old website was not the reliable information hub that they hoped it would be. That is where SilverTech comes in.

Like many utility companies, NorthWestern Energy has a variety of systems in use that support customer needs. In addition to its website, NorthWestern also runs self-service (power on/off), My Account, Bill Pay and Outage Maps. SilverTech needed to ensure that the entire customer lifecycle had no breaks in technology or system so that customers could have a seamless digital experience with the company.

NorthWestern's business goals:

  • Improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increase company name recognition
  • Enhance customer interactions and touchpoints across digital platforms

Old Website Challenges

  • Low website traffic and engagement
  • Disorganized navigation and information architecture
  • Poor search functionality and inaccurate results
  • Site does not allow for localized content based on customer location
  • Website content is difficult for the NorthWestern Energy team to update and maintain which also made ADA compliance a challenge
  • Forms usage has declined due to poor usability and content/navigation disorganization
  • Subpar mobile experience
  • The website does not reflect modern design, features, or functionality
  • Outdated content

SilverTech's Proposed Website Goals:

  • Develop a site that is user-friendly/easy to update
  • Incorporate modern features to support the digital needs of modern utility customers
  • Provide a responsive site with intuitive navigation that offers an optimal experience for mobile and desktop users
  • Deliver the right information to the right user at the right time
  • Maintain ADA compliance
  • Ensure the site is technically-sound to highlight seamless integrations between customer-facing solutions and current legacy systems



Increase in users the first month after launch
Decrease in bounce rate
2 min
Average session duration, up 16%
1.6 million
Page views in quarter after launch

Download theFull NorthWestern Energy case study.

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