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Client spotlight.

Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Finalist.

Making good on a promise to customers. 

It’s exhilarating when you get to work with an organization that exudes positive energy, possesses visionary foresight and truly just cares about people. It became evident to us within the first few weeks of our partnership that Nova Scotia Power (NSP), with a relentless commitment to over half a million customers, was one of those special companies. 

Hired for our experience with utilities, SilverTech agreed to work with NSP executive leadership to strategize and implement a large-scale digital transformation that would improve customer experience and customer satisfaction in all aspects of their business. 

Appreciating the complexity of the challenge.

As you can imagine, that is no small feat. 

Disjointed digital properties, numerous third-party systems, siloed data and an evolving world where customers have high expectations for digital convenience, all make this a complicated challenge to solve. An initiative this massive, and one that scales across the entire organization, takes more than marketing and technology skills. Fortunately, NSP and SilverTech have developed a working relationship built on trust and relying on each other’s expertise.

Developing a digital customer roadmap. 

Every digital interaction must rely on the underlying technology. Improving digital experience for NSP would require not only a redesign of user interfacing elements,but also advanced technical expertise.

After understanding NSP’s environment and technical requirements to implement a digital transformation, SilverTech helped the utility to select Progress Sitefinity as the Content Management Solution that best matched the immediate and long-term needs. Sitefinity’s ability to manage shared content and workflows for multiple web properties, integrate easily with other solutions in the roadmap, and deliver personalized content to NSP audiences made it a sound decision.

Making a promise a reality. 

The launch of a new and improved Nova Scotia Power public website is the first customer-facing step in NSP’s digital transformation. The new site will:
  • Allow customers to navigate the site intuitively.
  • Increase revenue of existing customer base with improved visibility for education and product promotions.
  • Provide automation and self-service capabilities that improve customer experience and reduce overall customer care costs.
  • Elevate perception of NSP as the trusted advisor for sustainable, renewable, and safe clean energy delivery.
  • Interest and engage customers in learning about and adopting clean energy initiatives and ideas.
  • Set the foundation for personalized customer interactions.

Unveiling a customer-centric website. 

Armed with information about NSP customers that included needs, wants and pain points, our team tackled each challenge one by one to find solutions that improve the overall digital experience. Although we can’t list every improvement we made, some highlights were:

Content reorganization.

SilverTech reorganized NSP’s site in order to better showcase the utility’s sustainable energy efforts, inform and educate customers on their renewable energy initiatives, and to allow customers to engage with NSP services and programs via self- and assisted-service. We also reorganized the sitemap and menu to match customer needs versus the old way of organizing by internal department. Finally, to help the user find what they are looking for in less clicks, SilverTech conducted several user tests to optimize click paths to commonly accessed pages.

Site search improvement.

SilverTech found that approximately 8-10% of NSP’s visitors were using the site search feature to seek content and find answers. We also discovered that a high percentage of searches resulted in answers that were inaccurate or displayed a ‘results not found’. The technology powering the old site search was custom-ized and expensive. Many users were searching for similar answers around common tasks such as paying a bill or starting or stopping a service.

SilverTech addressed these challenges by designing a Microsoft Azure based search solution that directly integrated with the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS). A knowledge base module was created in the CMS that allowed content authors to enter questions and answers. Rather than rely solely on keyword hits, the new solution allows NSP to ‘recommend answers’, weight search results, provide content directly on the search results page, and prioritize which page is shown at the top of the results. All of this has allowed NSP to better serve the needs of their customers.

MyAccount portal redesign.
The new website integrates with Kubra, NSP’s current billing and processing functionality. SilverTech redesigned the MyAccount interface to be consistent with NSP’s new site. Our team collaborated with NSP and with Kubra to

streamline the login process and ensure a seamless transition from site to site.

Storm and outage mode.

Nova Scotia is no stranger to harsh weather conditions. Nothing frustrates customers more than not being able to send or receive necessary information during a power outage. SilverTech designed and implemented a solution for NSP that allows the utility to switch instantly to ‘storm mode’ in the case of a wide scale outage. This mode temporarily takes over the typical homepage to place all outage reporting, maps, preparation information and emergency contacts at the customers’ fingertips. No need to search through the regular menu structure or scroll for outage information.

Setting a solid foundation for the future. 

These are just a few of the strategies that we used to transform NSP’s web site into a user-friendly, modern and relevant channel. The new website is just the beginning of many digital projects SilverTech will be advising and collaborating with Nova Scotia Power on over the next several years.


The insight and strategic counsel provided by the SilverTech team is comparable to work done by the world’s largest analyst firms. Word has gotten out about our thought leadership and expertise in helping utilities with digital transformation. Our team will soon be participating and speaking at utility industry conferences around the country.        


600 +
Pages of strategy documentation written.
15 hrs
Hours of workshops led and facilitated by SilverTech.
Executive board presentations provided.
20 +
Internal systems and integrations analyzed.
Total websites being overhauled as part of initial project.
Personas and user journey's.
Nova Scotia Power's homepage hero banner.
Web style guide.
  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap
  • User Experience Strategy
  • User Research & Testing
  • Cohesive Rebrand 
  • Website Design & Development
  • Technology Consultation 
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Content Management System Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization

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