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Some of the services we provided:
  • Digital Customer Experience Strategy 
  • Website Architecture
  • Cohesive Rebrand 
  • Website Design and Development
  • On-going Digital Support

Digital revamp shines light on importance of customer service.

Pepco Holdings (PHI) – one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region,  serving over two million customers – experienced its own transformational story several years ago as it relates to a complete turn-around in customer satisfaction. The energy giant landed itself on an unofficial list of ‘world’s worst companies to deal with’ when it came to customer service, stemming from a combination of an aging infrastructure and poor customer communication around outages. Not  a place any company would want to find itself. Pepco took immediate action and called in for some help, turning the tides around like the flip of a switch!

Familiar with our work for other major utilities, Pepco contacted us to transform their digital presence, focusing first and foremost on improving the customer experience. SilverTech’s team rolled up their sleeves and immediately got to work, conducting over seventy interviews, reviewing customer data and competitive research, evaluating the tech infrastructure, and ultimately delivering a 200-page strategy document about how to significantly improve customer service and online experience using digital channels – both during a storm and blue sky days.

The new unified look helped the brand prove PHI’s commitment to improve customer service and launched a significant positive response from the industry, media and, most importantly, customers.


Internal and external support for PHI’s digital revamp has been overwhelming. Corporate Communications teams have the insight to the data they need to ensure that they are serving their customers appropriately and effectively. Employees, tech teams and stakeholders are using the new website, intranet, social media and integrated systems, and PHI put their communications capabilities to the test in the past year’s weather and outage events. 


Websites redesigned.
Platinum Marcom Awards Won.
2 M
Happier customers.

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