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Strategy & Design: The Yin & Yang of Modern UX/UI

by: Brady Kingsbury & Morgan Withee

If you're even just a little familiar with website design and development, then you know that every good website is the result of a variety of different but important factors. While all the teams at SilverTech work very closely together to produce an optimized and intuitive end-result for our clients and their users, two teams work harmoniously to establish the foundation for the entire project: Strategy & Design. The members on our Strategy and Design teams revolve their efforts around a common understanding of the clients' business goals and objectives, working as the Yin and Yang of modern UX and UI.

Perspectives in isolation.

At SilverTech, Strategy is aimed at answering two important questions that guide any successful website design and development project: what the website needs to achieve and how it's going to do it. This establishes a foundation of understanding our clients' business needs, website goals, and marketing challenges & objectives to better identify what a solution might entail from a functional and informational perspective. Some of the most important steps in this process include identifying current challenges with the existing user experience, establishing a taxonomy for website content in an intuitive IA strategy, producing visual wireframes of the website interface, and defining functionality that is inclusive of features and requirements that promote an optimized end-user experience.

Design's process is aimed at creating a visually aesthetic digital experience that defines our clients' brand within an intuitive and accessible user interface. SilverTech's designers strive to create experiences that are within WCAG's standards for compliance, typically adhering to the Level AA guidelines. Some of the most important steps in this process include better defining an authoritative brand presence in the digital landscape, composing a clean and seamless visual experience, and establishing methods for optimizing the website in a responsive end-user experience.

UX and UI

Better together, useless apart.

Success isn’t a goal, but a byproduct of digital dualism. With every one of our clients’ projects, there’s an inherent duality that is aimed at delivering two fundamental principles: how it works (UX) and how it looks (UI). When it comes to understanding the processes outlined above, it becomes clear how the different natures of the two teams ultimately reflect two perspectives of the same end-result.

Strategy tends to carry a functional, logical and business-oriented perspective on each of our client’s projects, acting as the blueprint builders for the solution’s functionality, content, and business ideology. Alternatively, design tends to carry a visual and empathic lens into the end-user’s experience, almost always acting as the voice of customer (or VOC).

Just as the duality of yin and yang work together to establish balance in life, Strategy and Design work together to balance and unify two differing perspectives. Naturally, the two teams influence each other, complement each other and are interdependent in that neither can exist without the other. Acting as two opposing halves, their union makes the whole greater than just the sum of its parts. Strategy and Design at SilverTech collaborate and co-create an online experience for each client that is the most optimized combination of usability, functionality, and visual aesthetic.

See it for yourself!

Seeing is believing, and we have some game-changing examples that will make you a believer. Check out some of these case studies and see for yourself how Strategy and Design worked together to make the whole greater than just the sum of its parts. 

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