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Credit Union of Texas.

Some of the services we provided:
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Personalization Strategy & Implementation
  • Website Redesign
  • Sitecore Content Management Implementation
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

It takes client/agency collaboration to create a customer-friendly conversion machine.

Part of the CUTX homepage.
Sitemap that our Strategy team created.
Image and Character Guide to help with content deployment efforts.
Credit Union of Texas website was a 2019 Gold W3 Award Winner and has received a 2019 Sitecore Experience Honorable Mention.
Credit Union of Texas website was a 2019 Gold W3 Award Winner and has received a 2019 Sitecore Experience Honorable Mention.

We’ve all been there. That time when you browsed online information about a product or service, and next thing you know, an ad pops up on your social feed of that exact item. Or, when you are shopping on sites like Amazon, and a product complementary to a previous purchase is suggested to you. We call that meaningful content. 

Credit Union of Texas (CUTX) understood that meaningful, personalized content is crucial to map buyers to the right information at the right time. They came to us looking to leverage digital channels to improve their online experience and to increase product conversions. SilverTech was engaged to help CUTX completely transform the way their customers were able to conduct business online. By creating personas, detailed user journey maps, customized content, strong calls-to-action, and guided product selection tools, the result is a site that is convenient, ADA accessible and easy to use. 

A conversion-machine, the CUTX site pushes the envelope with a build-and-price your own vehicle wizard — integrated with Kelley Blue Book — that allows customers to find a car, choose model and trim packages, get an auto loan rate and apply for the loan, all without ever leaving the CUTX website.

Between the personalization features that display more relevant content with each interaction, lifestyle pages that consolidate relevant products, calculators, and helpful wizards that provide customers education and guidance, you won’t recognize the new CUTX site as a traditional ‘bank’ website. That’s ok, because today’s digital consumers expect way more than most traditional credit union websites offer. 

Although we knew the site would be a winner, we were elated at how quickly CUTX started realizing their success. The numbers are so impressive, SilverTech and CUTX marketing execs have even been invited to speak about their rapid growth at financial industry conferences and trade shows. 


363 %
Growth in total leads within the first month.
54 %
Of visits were getting personalized content.
284 %
Growth for submitted leads.
30 %
Increase in auto loan leads.
20 %
Increase in home equity & mortgage applications.

Download theFull Credit Union of Texas case study.

Credit Union of Texas Case Study Cover Image

Grow your leads by 363% like the Credit Union of Texas did.