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Client spotlight.

Building a website and CMS platform for growth.

When you’ve outgrown your current platform.

INTRUST Bank, the largest bank in Kansas with over five billion in assets, wanted to deliver on commitments to improve the customer experience and better represent brand values in every interaction.

Since the INTRUST site sees the largest share of customer interactions, the bank first sought to make strategic website enhancements. Plans included evolving the site content to guide customer journeys, using personalization to drive relevant communications, and providing easy-to-use online features to help customers make better banking decisions.

INTRUST was hoping to enhance and update their site on its current platform. However, they had previously invested in a content management solution that could not be updated to make necessary web improvements cost-effectively. The former solution, implemented by a prior vendor, was difficult to administer and heavily customized — resulting in the platform having to be completely re-built. A frequent conundrum we run into with new customers.

INTRUST initially reached out to SilverTech because of our Elite Partnership with Progress’ Sitefinity Content Management Solution, our decades of financial services expertise, and proven pre-built bank modules on the platform. However, they chose us because we also have experience in other industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and travel and tourism – all of which allow us to bring big ideas and best practices from one industry into our work with another.

Rebuilding a foundation for growth.

SilverTech flew to Kansas and met with the project team and company stakeholders in order to conduct a deep-dive discovery session where we learned about company objectives, audiences, challenges and goals. The team then got to work on the first step in any successful website – understanding and relating to the audience. UX strategists developed detailed personas, identified content needs and provided recommendations to reorganize the sitemap to better align with the intended customer journeys.

Next, SilverTech designers created an online visual experience that reinforced the brand, allowed users to easily navigate and consume content, and provided clear calls-to-action. Finally, our certified Sitefinity developers implemented new bank modules within the robust, enterprise-level content management platform and integrated it with Pardot for lead management and marketing automation capabilities.

Every step of the way, the SilverTech team considered INTRUST’s future personalization goals and long-term roadmap. The site was intentionally and strategically built to grow with INTRUST as their business and needs evolve.

Looking forward to a bright future.

The new site is engaging, can be easily navigated, is mobile-friendly and adheres to ADA compliance regulations. Our collaborative partnership has helped INTRUST to identify future digital opportunities that will allow INTRUST to continue improving customer experiences, to stand apart from the competition, and to drive overall account growth.


In just a few short months INTRUST has seen positive performance results. We are excited for what’s in store for their future.


21 %
Increase in account deposit applications.
10 %
Increase in total traffic.
20 %
Decrease in bounce rate.
Intrust Bank's homepage hero banner.
Sitemap that our Strategy team came up with.
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Sitefinity CMS Implementation
  • Pardot Integration

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