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Some of the services we provided:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Systems Integration
  • Website UI/UX Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Integration to E-commerce & Product Catalog

Listen, learn, and execute.

Who is Burndy?

Burndy is an international manufacturer of electrical equipment that sells to a variety of industries through multiple channels. When the company was acquired by a new parent company, it turned to SilverTech to update its current online brand and image to more closely reflect its new affiliation.

Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire with 90 years of dedicated customer support in both service and product. BURNDY is the only manufacturer to have the BURNDY® Engineered System of coordinating dies, connectors and tools. 

Work highlights & details.

SilverTech started the brand alignment process by listening, conducting stakeholder interviews to learn about the company and its customers from those who know them best. From there, SilverTech worked through content, usability and architecture to shape the overall site strategy. With the rebrand portion complete, SilverTech could then move on to the secondary goal and redesign the site overall and apply the technology and usability upgrades identified in the initial process. 

This phased approach illustrates how SilverTech works with clients – in the most efficient way possible. 

The new site meets customer needs that formerly were not being addressed. With a diverse audience of contractors, electricians, distributors, sales representatives as well as the public, the organization (and the new customized user portals) needed to reflect the unique needs of each segment – without alienating any of them. With about 70 percent of’s traffic coming to the site directly (rather than through search engines or other referral sources), SilverTech knew that they had specific expectations about the information and consistency of presentation that they needed to find once they got there.

The resulting website integrates multiple inventory, ecommerce and pricing systems from an array of sources to give multiple layers of secure access and content. For example, sales teams can access content that may not be relevant to distributors, and vice versa. For the end user, it maintains consistency across platforms – a feature unique to any of Burndy’s sister companies under the same parent umbrella. 

Both the secure and public sections of the site have dynamic levels of visibility. SilverTech integrated a 30,000 product E-catalog and Product Information Manager system so that changes in one are reflected through others, and then ripple to the website itself. Some user roles allow purchasing and/or varying levels of information and manuals, all depending on strategic preferences outlined by Burndy.

Along with giving members of the Burndy online community the tools they need to do their jobs, SilverTech also achieved steady increases in site traffic – roughly five times more traffic and page-views over each six-month period – without spending a cent in advertising or search engine marketing. That’s an impressive statistic, considering roughly 60 percent of overall traffic accesses the secure customer area via password protected login accounts. 

The successes on both fronts are a result of SilverTech’s penchant for getting to know its digital partners and fully understanding both the marketing and technology requirements of each. SilverTech creates a comprehensive and complex product that satisfies both business needs and strategic marketing goals.

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