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Client spotlight.

Creation of a conversion machine.

Ipswitch, a world class provider of IT and network management software, partnered with SilverTech to unify multiple business line web properties into one cohesive and engaging website that operated as the center of their very active marketing universe.

SilverTech provided strategic information architecture and user experience (UX) to develop personas, search engine optimization strategies and a web experience that provided a single, effective, and personalized online presence for their customers. The new website delivers brand awareness, lead generation, and customer support, while still offering a personalized experience relevant to the appropriate business line, county of origin, and the visitor’s stage in the buyer’s journey. The new website embodies Ipswitch’s funnel objectives by delivering ease of software try, buy, and use while also centralizing educational content and improving functionality.

Because Ipswitch has hundreds of downloads and media to manage, Kentico was an obvious choice due to its robust content and library features. While other CMS solutions were considered, it quickly became clear that the Kentico CMS was exactly what Ipswitch needed.

This budget-friendly technology solution allowed Ipswitch to deliver optimal customer experiences, generate leads, and engage users with relevant content, without having to sacrifice internationalization and personalization features of more expensive CMS platform.

Kentico’s robust open architecture also allowed SilverTech to successfully integrate Salesforce and multiple instances of Marketo, creating a virtual conversion machine. 


Ipswitch’s site was a finalist for Kentico Site of the Year. Since the website’s launch in April 2016, the integration has successfully handled tens of thousands of form submissions.

Ipswitch and SilverTech have continued to work together in order to constantly optimize the features, function and conversion paths on the site. As a result, on average, the overall business and marketing platform that has been created is performing exceptionally.

On an average 7-day period:

36.4 k
Visits to the site.
26.1 k
New or unique visitors to the site.
2.4 k
6.6 %
Overall site conversion of 6.6%.
9.2 %
New visitor conversions as high as 9.2%.
Ipswitch's homepage hero banner.
Call to action on the site.
Sitemap created by our strategy team.
  • Kentico CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Salesforce and Marketo Integration
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Architecture
  • Multi-Site Integration
  • Localization
  • Personalization Strategy and Implementation

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