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Some of the services we provided:
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Website UI/UX Design
  • Front-end HTML/CSS Development
  • Content Management System Implementation & Customization

Cultivating a better web experience for credit union members. 

Kinecta Federal Credit Union Homepage on Desktop
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Homepage on Desktop
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Homepage on Mobile
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Homepage on Mobile
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Credit Cards page
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Credit Cards page

As one of America’s largest and most influential credit unions representing 245,000 members, Kinecta Federal Credit Union (Kinecta) knew the time had come to significantly upgrade the digital experience offered on its website.

Kinecta’s previous website had challenges, mostly due to an outdated Content Management System (CMS) and an internal resourcing bottleneck. The result was a subpar web experience that was text-heavy, required too many clicks to find information, and left customers with outstanding questions they were forced to bring directly to the branches or talk to call center representatives to resolve. The old site made it more difficult to attract new members, many who begin their search online, due to its cumbersome navigation.

With a commitment to outstanding member service and a promise for ‘banking done different,’ Kinecta sought to overhaul the web experience to be more intuitive and allow members to better conduct their business or research online - a clean, modern experience that would allow the new website to become a virtual branch that would facilitate self-service and membership growth.

“We know a website should not be one and done...”

“We know a website should not be one and done,” said Janine Preston, Director of Marketing for Kinecta. “A website is a garden that needs to be constantly nurtured and maintained. I don’t even like to talk about phased updates, it really is something that needs to be updated all the time in order to get what you want from it."

Planting solid roots.

To make the new website a reality, SilverTech and Kinecta collaborated to create a streamlined, intuitive, and member-centric sitemap. With the website structure reorganized, SilverTech UX strategists and designers created wireframes and a new site design that allowed for a more visual, engaging and purposeful experience that was well representative of Kinecta’s member community. The new layout utilized calls-to-action and other indicators for members so that they could easily find clear paths to needed information, as well as cross-promotion areas to help members take the next best step in their buying decisions. 

SilverTech also migrated the new Kinecta experience to the Kentico Xperience Content Management Platform. This CMS would be better suited to allow for easier internal content distribution and management and would allow even non-technical members of the credit union to make updates as needed.

The new site has a better mobile experience as well as desktop. With the new site’s improved navigation with intuitive labeling and terminology, members can find what they are looking for. In the first 60 days after launch, the new site provided an increase in organic traffic, leads, and cross-sell opportunities.

Growing with the times.

The new Kinecta website provides a modern, pleasurable user experience for members, but that is only the beginning. Kinecta continues to work with SilverTech to cultivate new digital ideas and experiences that will allow Kinecta to deepen and grow relationships with members even further. Some of the enhancements include an online appointment and scheduling application, updated branch and ATM locator functionality, integration to social media channels and the addition of more videos and testimonials to the site.

“Your team of talented and dedicated individuals is truly remarkable. I’ve been impressed by each and every one of them and their overall passion for providing a beautiful end result. I would unequivocally recommend SilverTech to anyone who asks, ‘you have a great website, who did you use?”
Janine Preston, Director of Marketing
Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Download theFull Kinecta Federal Credit Union case study.

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