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Loy Instrument.

Some of the services we provided:
  • Search Engine Optimizations
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Crawl and Analysis 
  • Page Optimizations

Small changes make big impacts.

A rise in rankings due to search engine optimizations. 

Since 1937, Loy Instrument, Inc. has served the process control market. A combined 500+ years of in-house process control/combustion experience gives Loy customers the benefit of working with a company that has seen it all. Loy Instrument knows and understands the engineering, processes, product quality, and service concerns of their customers. 

However, as a national, niche B2B business with less than 50 employees, having the time and resources to market their products and services had been challenging. As a result, the partnership with SilverTech was born. 

SilverTech’s primary role is to help Loy Instrument gain product awareness, traffic and new customers through organic channels.  Leveraging a variety of SEO best practices and reporting tools, we were able to provide an increase in organic search traffic and visibility.  And, not just any traffic, but the traffic that Loy Instrument wants.

Our digital strategists were able to uncover, dissect, triage and resolve issues such as duplicate page titles and meta descriptions, incorrect title length and format, missing canonical tags, and more. Working collaboratively with Loy, we were able to develop meta content and update these issues in April 2020. After two short months of implementation and tracking the changes, we noticed an immediate increase in keyword rankings on a national level – a positive change that continues to rise as Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl their website.  While SEO work is never done, it’s gratifying to see an effort so small and cost-effective, make such a large impact in website traffic. 


    10 %
    Increase in search visibility within 2 months.
    Desired keywords increased in page rankings on a national level.
    16 %
    Increase in visits to website from organic search on Google.

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