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Nevada Realtors.

Some of the services we provided:
  • Sitefinity Website Redesign
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Website Architecture
  • Sitefinity Custom Modules Application
  • On-going Digital Support

Sitefinity recommended SilverTech for Nevada REALTORS.

Nevada Realtor's homepage hero banner.

SilverTech’s advanced Sitefinity expertise made all the difference.

Nevada REALTORS Association provides services to more than 18,000 REALTOR members throughout Nevada. When Nevada REALTORS asked Sitefinity for help finding the right agency partner to update their outdated website, Sitefinity knew that SilverTech would be the right fit.

Not only was the previous Nevada REALTORS website built on an old version of Sitefinity, but it was also built by a team that did not understand Sitefinity’s best practices.

For a member-based organization, it’s not an ideal experience for a member to have to log in to multiple systems each time they visit the site while trying to access items like gated content, educational information, personal membership information, etc. This is exactly what was happening on the Nevada REALTORS’s previous site.

The fact that SilverTech understood Sitefinity allowed us to really take advantage of all the platform has to offer, creating custom modules to transform the user experience.

A single login = a better experience.

In Sitefinity, we created a custom authentication provider that was tied to Nevada REALTORS clients’ third-party system. When their members log into their account through the global header, they are redirected back to the homepage with full access to all systems with that single login. SilverTech created ‘gated’ pages that required authentication to view using out-of-the-box Sitefinity mechanisms. If a user accessed that page without being logged in, they would be sent back to the third-party vendor. Once they successfully signed in, they would automatically return to the resource they were trying to view.

This was a critical functionality for Nevada REALTORS in creating a more positive user experience. It reduced the amount of time and effort it would take members to access resources, now a single log in grants easy access to all the benefits the Nevada REALTORS organization as to offer.


Between the single login, redesigned website, content management and other user-friendly features SilverTech was able to successfully transform the Nevada REALTORS’ user experience for conducting business online. Since the site launch in September of 2019, the following results have been achieved:


27 %
Increase in users.
34 %
New users.
38 %
Increase in page views.

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