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Renown Health.

Sterling Silver Club
Some of the services we provided:
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Media Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Tracking and Conversion Analysis

Renown’s Sterling Silver Club sees online memberships skyrocket from digital ad efforts.

Social media ads.
Social media ads.
Social media ads.
Social media ads.

Renown Health is a regional, not-for-profit healthcare system based in Reno, Nevada with a renewed focus on technology and digital across the organization. When they began their search for a new digital marketing agency, they were looking for one with advanced capabilities in digital marketing strategy, paid media advertising, creative, advanced analytical tracking and reporting, and marketing automation. Renown chose to partner with SilverTech on their digital marketing efforts because they embodied all of the desired capabilities that they were looking for.

Renown’s Sterling Silver Club is a free service that helps people age 55 and over live a healthy, happy life. It’s free to join and the benefits are amazing! The Sterling Silver Club is also part of a larger vision for Renown to elevate its brand by making healthcare within its community more accessible. Through collaboration with SilverTech’s digital advertising efforts, Renown was able to drive qualified leads to grow its membership base.

In order to meet this objective, our paid media strategists determined the best target audience, placements, budget, and flight schedule and worked with the Renown team to create tailored, relevant ads and establish a landing page experience with the conversion goal in mind. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we continually optimized the campaigns, stayed on top of industry trends, and identified new opportunities to continue to bolster Sterling Silver Club’s digital transformation.


During the campaign flight, we were able to increase daily average membership signups by 75% as well as these other performance highlights

Higher than industry average conversion rate.
Increase in page views for membership.
Increase in total online signups.

Download theFull Sterling Silver Club case study.

Sterling Silver Club Case Study Cover Image

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