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Nashua Nutrition.

Some of the services we provided:
  • User Experience & eCommerce Strategy
  • Website Design Optimization
  • App Integration & Testing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email & Content Strategy
  • Digital Advertising & Paid Media

A more digestible web experience for dieters.

Nashua Nutrition Homepage Hero
Nashua Nutrition Homepage Hero
Nashua Nutrition Product Page
Nashua Nutrition Product Page
Nashua Nutrition Promo Popup
Nashua Nutrition Promo Popup

Nashua Nutrition, an established diet packaged foods brand, wanted to overhaul their online store in order to appeal to a broader audience, improve customer loyalty, and increase repeat business. Their site had served them well for years and they built a loyal customer base among the older demographic segment. But as we started to target entirely new, often younger, tech savvy customers, we noticed cart conversion rates were trending downward. 

While we knew that these new customers needed to get to know the brand, we realized the problem was bigger than that. These new customers had high expectations when it came to their website experience. The menu needed to be streamlined so they could find products quickly. It needed a way to filter products by diet type and brand – the way most E-commerce sites do nowadays. The checkout process needed to be quick and easy, especially on mobile. And, finally, it had to be fast. 

Sounds straight-forward enough. The kicker? There were just four short weeks before the peak “new year, new you” weight loss season arrived. Not typically the time you want to undergo a website optimization project that, with any unforeseen delay, could impact your peak sales window.

In just under 3 weeks, SilverTech’s team was able to reorganize the menu, implement a more modern design, clean up unnecessary CSS code, remove apps that weren’t providing value and only increasing load times, and test (and retest) the checkout process. The new and improved experience is just what Nashua Nutrition’s customers ordered and is now optimized to convert traffic from our digital marketing efforts at a higher rate.



21 %
Increase in conversion rate.
33 %
Increase in mobile conversion rate.
4 %
Increase in average order value.
SilverTech has been a blessing to my business. They are honest and truly want to help you grow your business. Sincere caring and hard working, digital experts are hard to come by... we found our North Star with SilverTech!
Eric Godshall, Owner
Nashua Nutrition

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